In January 1962, Decca Records famously claimed that “guitar groups are on the way out,” rejecting the Beatles in one of the worst mistakes in music industry history. Almost 60 years later, we’re facing a similar moment - as a recent Vice piece put it, “for the last few years, the Billboard rock charts have been an abysmal slog of new pop artists that occasionally hold guitars like fashion accessories.”

Abraham is here to bring the fire back. Uniting a cutting-edge sensibility with timeless musicianship, Abraham is poised to continue the tradition of rock trailblazers before him.

Prior to pursuing a career as an artist himself, Abraham had a successful career as a full-time musician both in original bands and as a session guitarist. He has toured internationally in numerous configurations and has performed for or opened for Taylor Swift, Willy Nelson, Better Than Ezra, Sister Hazel, and more. Most recently Abraham was a featured on Greyson Chance’s 2019 album release “Portraits”.